2016 Race Calendar
  1. February 15, 2016Frozen Ass Fifty (50k)
  2. May 28, 2016Blackfoot Ultra (50k,50M,100k)
  3. June 18, 2016Rivervalleyrevenge(50k,50M)
  4. July 9-10, 2016Sinister 7 (100M)
  5. July 30, 2016Canadian Death Race (125k)
  6. August 13, 2016Kananaskis Iron Legs (60k,50M)
  7. September 9-10, 2016Lost Soul (53k,100k,100M)
  8. September 23-24?, 2016Dedmonton24 (6h,12h,24h)
  9. September 24?, 2016Rivers Edge (50M)
  10. October 1, 2016IronHorse Ultra (100k,100M)

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The Alberta Ultra Series points calculation and Triple rules have changed. Please read the following:

Points will be separated into two categories; 100km and above will be ranked together, distances below 100km will have their own rankings, and winners. So if, for example, you run a 50km race, and a 100km race, you will be listed in both standings. All points will no longer be accumulated together, so there will now be two male and two female winners of the series.

Rivers Edge Ultra 50 miler will now be included in the series. This gives you 5 options at the longer distances (BFU, S7, CDR, LSU 100M/100k, IHU 100M/100k) and 6 options at 'shorter' distances (FA 50k, BFU 50M/50k, RVR 50M/50k, Ironlegs 50M/50k, Rivers Edge 50M, LSU 50k).

Changes to the Alberta Triple are as follows:
The minimum requirement will now be for you to run three races of a cumulative distance of 420km or more. This means you must run two 100 mile races, and another of 100km or more. You are going to have to combine a finish of at least two of LSU, S7 and IHU 100 milers, with one at CDR 125, BFU, LSU, or IHU 100k.

The Alberta Triple rules found HERE

2015 Alberta Triple finishers :
Bert Blackbird, Adam French, Leo Fung, Craig Harriott, Sasha Harriott, Brayden Hiltz, Karen Johansen, Jason Kinsella, Philippe Lagace, Shane Mascarin, Bert Starke, Donald Stone, Hiroshige Watanabe

2014 Alberta Triple finishers :
Erik Allen, Bert Blackbird, Tamara Day, John Hubbard, Jason Kinsella, Allan Klassen, Philippe Lagace, Hiroshige Watanabe

2013 Alberta Triple finishers :
Hiroshige Watanabe, Adam French, Michael Kirby, Erik Allen, Chad Stiles, Rod Giacchetta, Karen Johansen, Natalie Baldo, Patrick Finley, Sheldon Wilcox, Bert Blackbird, Rene Castel, Avery Saunders

2012 Alberta Triple finishers :
Rene Castel, Rod Giacchetta, Adrian Harvey, Joe Huising, Joanne Schmidt, Stacey Shand, Chad Stiles, Mike Treloar, Hiroshige Watanabe, Don Wheatcroft

2011 Alberta Triple finishers :
Mark Alden, Dan Chan, Adam French, Rod Giacchetta, Katherine Labonte, Andy McAnally, Mary Nielsen, Oleg tabelev, Hiroshige Watanabe

2010 Alberta Triple finishers :
Jeff Ball, Justine Candelora, Wayne Gaudet, Salena LaBine, Ammon Piepgrass, Oleg Tabelev, Hiroshige Watanabe, Linda Wilson

2009 Alberta Triple finishers :
Connie Killam, Emily Turowski, Robert Prybysh, Dan Chan, Darcy Venne, Don Grimoldby, Erik Allen, Mike Treloar

2007 Alberta Triple finishers :
Lorie Alexander, Emilia Turowski, Jamie Nott, Hiroshige Watanabe, Dan Chan, Bill Kossman, Wayne Gaudet(51.52.04), Gary Glover(new record: 51.21.30), Drew Sommerfeldt(53.00.41), Kevin Gallant, Bryan Wallace.

2006 Alberta Triple finishers :
Angela Pierotti, Robert Furness, Robert Mogielka, Hiroshige Watanabe

2005 Alberta Triple finishers :
Horishige Watanabe, Jen Silverthorn, Larry Kundrik(record time: 55.53.02),
Monique Duval, Neil Runions, Richard Carvalho,
Sherry Heino(record time: 55.52.26), Wayne Gaudet

2004 Alberta Triple finishers :
Sandy McCallum, Richard Carvalho

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