2019 Race Calendar
  1. January 19, Winter River Valley Revenge (50k)
  2. February 18, Frozen Ass Fifty (50k)
  3. May 25, Blackfoot Ultra (50k,50M,100k)
  4. June 15, Rivervalleyrevenge (50k,50M,100k,100M)
  5. July 6, Sinister 7 (100M)
  6. August 3, Canadian Death Race (125k)
  7. August 17, Kananaskis Iron Legs (60k,50M,100k)
  8. September 6, Lost Soul (53k,100k,100M,200k)
  9. September 21, Rivers Edge (50k,50M,100k)
  10. October 5, IronHorse Ultra (100k,100M)
  11. October 13, Grizzly Ultra (50k)

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Alberta Series Rules

1. If you run one of the series races you are automatically entered at no extra cost.

2.Points are separated into two categories; 100km and above are ranked together, distances below 100km will have their own rankings, and winners. So if, for example, you run a 50km race, and a 100km race, you will be listed in both standings. All points are no longer accumulated together, so there are now two male and two female winners of the series.

You have 8 possible options to compete for points in each category, 100km and up: (100k, 125k, and 100M races), and all options below.

3. Points are calculated two ways. First is by the distance the runner completes. 1 point per kilometre completed with the minimum distance of the race being 50 km. If you are entered and complete a 50 km race you get 50 points, if you enter and complete a 100 km race you get 100 points, etc. Then the secondary points are based on place. First place would get 100 points and then each runner after would get a percentage of that based on the number of finishers in the race. Men and women each have separate point tabulations. The most points you could get is double the distance you have completed. Example is a 50 km would be 100 points or 125 km would be 250 points.

Example of tabulations

1st place in a field of 32 finishers
- 32 x (100/32) =100 points
2nd place
- (32-1) x (100/32) =97 points

If there are 95 finishers 1st place
- 95 x (100/95) = 100 points
2nd place
- (95-1) x (100/95) = 99 points

For races with more than 100 finishers, each one left will get one point for finishing. At the end of all the races all the points will be tabulated. You must run at least 2 of 6 races to qualify for age group awards.

In the event of a tie between runners, the total points for the tied positions will be added up and divided equally between the runners listed as finishing in the same place.

where : tr = total number of racers, d = distance (either individual or event)

distance events : points = ( (tr / place) * (d / tr - 1) ) + d
timed events : points = ( (tr / place) * (average d / tr - 1) ) + personal d

4. Awards will be handed out after the final race of the series in Canmore.

5. Decisions of the Alberta Ultra Series will be final.